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New year, New (you) view - SMART approach

So here we are about a month in after ringing in the new year with all of our hopes and excitement of life-altering resolutions. However, many of us are still struggling to get that new change in place. Truth is, we don't change as individuals when that clock strikes twelve and that’s why it's important to go into 2021 with the idea of a “new view”, rather than a “new you”.

Change your “view” and the vision of the “new you” will naturally follow.

We have a vision of who we want to BE. In order to BE that person, we need to DO something about it, and in order to DO something we need to THINK in a particular way. Our thoughts are our power. The power of positive thinking goes a long way. Don’t be discouraged if you haven't gotten on that treadmill or that Peloton bike in the new year, you still have the power to change that. How?

Start with some positive affirmations:

“It is ok if I am not perfect” - your aim is to be better tomorrow than you are today.

“I am open to finding new ways to appreciate myself” - there's more to you than you may be giving yourself credit for.

“I am changing.” “My needs are ok.” “I believe in myself.” “I am enough.”

And you are! All you need is YOU to make you think differently. Change the way you think about yourself and let that positive energy drive you into DOING and ultimately BEING better.

To DO: Make your goals SMART! For example, a common one we see is “I want to lose weight”, that is not a SMART goal. Structure it so that it is:

S-specific (I will lose 15 lbs, walk 3 miles daily, do 100 squats daily, dietary specifics, etc)

M- measurable (qualitative and quantitative, weekly weight checks, photos of yourself)

A-attainable (realistic, within reason)

R-relevant (it’s important to me, I’m doing this for me, not anyone else

T- time specific (mark check points: aiming to lose 5 lbs every 4 months, starting with waking ½ mile and 20 squats 3 days a week, cutting down eating out/take out to only once a week, etc)

The more personalized and specific these goals are, the more likely you are to achieve them and BE where you want to be, whether it's emotional or physical.

Of course, with the new year you have new things you are looking forward to but don’t forget to take a moment to reflect on how you have persevered in 2020. It came with tremendous challenges, more than most of us have probably ever experienced, but here you are, thriving. Acknowledge everything you have overcame. 2020 showed you your true inner strength. Use that, let it be a driving force, a reminder that you got this! With checkpoints, YOU are able to hold yourself accountable, YOU are enough! You are the power!

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