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3 Pillars to Stable Living

In our world which is so far from black and white, we all work so hard every day to remain stable, balanced, even. Whether between work and home, a husband and a wife, income and expenses, parent and child, or anger and joy, day to day stressors of life never fail to test us. How do we overcome? Will we be able to achieve? Can I be happy? Life is tough and when struggling with mental health and other chronic illnesses, individuals feel even more challenged. Can I have this one drink at a work dinner and not risk relapse? Will I ever be able to attend an event and not feel alone even in the sea of people around me? Can I call out sick for mental exhaustion and risk not getting that promotion?

Our well-being can best be illustrated with a 3-way balance. Better yet, a 3-legged stool.

Leg 1- OUR BIO - Things that strengthen or weaken this leg is our physical health, genetic background, and drug effects (prescribed or recreational).

Leg 2 – OUR PSYCH: Things that make up this leg are our coping skills, self-esteem, and our tools with which we manage our stress and emotions

Leg 3- OUR SOCIAL: this consists of our relationships, culture, religion, careers, etc

Even with the best of medications and strongest of support systems, if one leg is left weak, any stool has the potential to tip over. By working on ourselves, we not only learn to honor the importance of self-love and self-care, we give ourselves the opportunity to shine at our strongest. We give ourselves the foundation to be able to stand tall and challenge all that life throws at us, because it inevitably will. So remember, a better me today, makes me a better daughter, sister, wife, mother, physician, etc tomorrow. Let’s get thinking, because mind matters!

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