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What is narrativ...

The concept of narrativ heal began with a frustration with how healthcare is delivered today. Illness begins in the community where traumas are created and engrained into the neural circuits of our body with the things we eat, do, think, and experience. The current system of healthcare delivery focuses on treating the individual physical symptoms that are created from these lifelong traumas, rather than addressing the root cause of the illness. As healthcare providers, we’re taught to treat blood glucose when it goes up or cancer cells when they go haywire, but we have a poor understanding of how integrated the neuro, psycho, immuno, and endocrine systems are. The business of healthcare is incentivized to provide downstream treatments since the most revenue generation occurs when patients are sickest. The modern day human lives in a constant state of stress with a fear of the future. Narrativ Heal is an attempt at bringing healthcare back to the story of the patient’s life in entirety, rather than the singular moment of an office visit. The company was named “narrativ”, without the “e”, to remind the reader to live in the present, because the “e”nd is undefined. Our goal through narrativ heal is to provide tools to help confront your past traumas and rewrite your future.

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